So Much To Be Proud Of at Central   
Taking a Time Out To Reflect on the Proud Moments
Proud Principal

Brain Break Day-Passion Driven Classroom   
Central students having a blast!

Illinois State Board of Education Hot Topics for Parents   
Preparing for New Assessments
ISAT 2013-2014 Parent Info

Helpful Sites for Parents   
Need to help your student, but don't know how? Check these fun sites out!
Resources to help your child

Common Core Resources   
Common Core State Standards
Common Core State Standards

Excellence in Education   
Education News
Education News

Fab 5 on Friday   
Students Choosing Excellence
Fab 5

Excuses Cannot Exist When Choosing Excellence   
 One of the most dangerous things to happen to any educator, at any level, is complacency.  Complacency is dangerous...

A Time to Reflect   
Choosing Excellence Every Day

Accepting the Challenge
Accept the Challenge

Welcome Back to School!   
Choosing Excellence Every Day!